Drag and Dine


Honey have you got your heels on? You screamed drag so we said bring it on! It’s finally here and it’s going to be a regular! Drag and Dine will be on our Balcony EVERY Sunday night! Some people like to add salt to their meal, we like a little drag. Enjoy a toothsome A La Carte dinner whilst being WOW’ed by three fabulous drag performances. Expect glitz, glamour and all things colorful!



Oh Darling, we're ready for you!

21st OF JULY

Cath Lic


As a performing artist she has worked with some of Sydney’s elite drag performers. Performing in large scale production shows and small community events, her favorite gigs are the birthday parties (she is a bit of a wine’o).


Performing for an audience, whether its just her self in the mirror or a large group of people is what she loves (besides an extra large piece of chocolate cake and a bottle or two of Veuve Clicquot).


28th OF JULY

Wanda D’Parke


Wanda dparke has made a name for herself as a performer with great comic timing… usually… word-perfect miming… usually… a dancer with more than one left foot… usually two… and as a Cabaret performer with a great live singing voice.  Cabaret and Camp Drag are her forte.


With many awards to her name, this Certified and awarded “Drag Legend” will make you laugh and cry (usually at her bad jokes). BUT she will always leave you with a smile on your face.



Electra Thigh


Drag Queen Electra is always the life of the party. From production shows to performing at hens parties in the backyard to football clubs, national drag competitions to nightclubs and pubs there isn’t much she hasn’t already done.


Passionate about entertaining and full of life Drag Queen Electra is someone who will bring colour, moves and a lot of sparkle to the stage. Lover of the 90s pop/dance music she’ll be sure to Bring back that old school vibe that had everyone dancing back in the naughties.

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