Drag and Dine


Honey have you got your heels on? You screamed drag so we said bring it on! It’s finally here and it’s going to be a regular! Drag and Dine will be on our Balcony EVERY Sunday night! Some people like to add salt to their meal, we like a little drag. Enjoy a toothsome A La Carte dinner whilst being WOW’ed by three fabulous drag performances. Expect glitz, glamour and all things colorful!


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20th October

Wanda D’Parke


Wanda D’parke has made a name for herself as a performer with great comic timing, word-perfect miming (usually), a dancer with two left feet and from a cabaret background comes an amazing live singing voice.


This cerified and awarded ‘Drag Legend’ will make you cry (usually at her bad jokes) BUT she will always leave you with a smile on your face!



27th October

Lidia Box


Performing on stages all over the world, Lidia started entertaining the masses 28 years ago.  Lidia is at home on any stage, anywhere.  She’ll take you on a cheeky and sometimes naughty journey that will make you laugh until the tears roll down your legs.


There is no way to prepare for her humour so just sit down, shut up and HOLD ON!!!  It’s gonna be a hilarious night.



3rd November



Currently a resident at Taboo and is involved with a documentary on Drag, following a team of queens over the next 12 months and down to Mardi Gras next year. 


She is a huge advocate and passionate about equality for not only the LGBTQI community but all minorities.

Tyranny is finishing off her Bachelor in Education, so by day she is a sexy school teacher but at night… well she is a lady of the night and a whole lot of fun.



10th November

Mya Crafone


Mya Crafone is the GC’s resident Sex Kitten and Power Ballad Diva! While still relatively new to the art of drag (only 5 yrs in the business), this queen knows how to work a crowd! You can usually find her handling some balls hosting bingo, or teasing your mind with pop culture trivia nights.


She’s a femme queen, with just the right amount of filthy humor to keep you entertained!

close up shot of blonde drag queen
Miacrofone drinking
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