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It’s Truffle Time!


The first truffles of the season shaved fresh to our menu. We’ve been waiting impatiently, shaver in hand, for these irresistible wild delicacies to burst onto our menu. Today we’re overjoyed to announce the first truffles of the season have

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Chef Sean Connolly

Sean’s Autumn Flavours

The seasons of change are upon us as we welcome in the flavours of Autumn.  Our Executive Chef Sean Connolly

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Bee's creating honey

Bee the cure, Save the bees

Have you ever wondered what the world would be like with no bees? It hadn’t crossed our mind until we

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Two giant oysters dressed with faces and hat

Benny and Betty the Bivalves

How heavy do you think these two Oysters are? For the 3rd consecutive year, Oyster Festival is here once again.

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sunset ocean

Take 3 for the Sea

Because every little bit counts.   Australia’s known for it’s pristine beaches boasting crystal clear water, the whitest sands of

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Balcony Belgian Witbier

with oysters and orange peel 4.8% Alc/Vol   Usually when you think oysters you think champagne right? Well sometimes it’s good to

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female kid playing a small guitar on a hammock

Emma McClean

    FOUNDER OF CHILDREN OF THE TRIBE   Our Soul Sisters guest speaker for the month of June is

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close up tea and roses

Sarita Merlo

Founder of Byron Bay Tea Company   Guest speaker at our first ever Soul Sisters Brunch and Bellinis event is

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overview of a caprese salad plate

Cooper’s Shoot Tomatoes

History of Cooper’s Shoot Farm The Coopers Shoot property has been in the Armstrong family since 1882. Nestled in the

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Brookie’s Gin

A taste of The Northern Rivers Botanical’s. This week Balcony Staff were treated to an ‘educational’ excursion out to the

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