Valentines Day

Lovers Day? Or not so loving day?

Some people cringe at the thought of Valentines Day. Days, sometimes weeks before, the ball of cringe worthy angst begins to build inside simply over a day where we celebrate the four letter word L O V E.  Then, on another scale you get the newly dating and the cute couples with butterflies beginning of excitement to say and share I LOVE YOU! But how and why did this day even come about?

cactus heart 

How it all began 

The history of Valentine’s Day and the story of its patron ‘Saint Valentine’ is shrouded in mystery. Some say it originated as a Western Christian feast to honor two early saints named Valentinus, others say it was a day created by an English poet named Geoffrey Chaucer in the 14th Century. Today as we know it, Valentines Day is a day of romance celebrated world wide. Flowers, chocolates and gifts are given simply in the name of love.


wear red dayHow can we share the love?

Balcony team have decided to cut the cliche and instead share our hearts with those that really need the support. We have created a cocktail of the month called ‘BEAT WITH US’ which reads & tastes of L O V E. $1 from each cocktail sold goes towards our donation to the Heart Research Australia.  Their goal is to reduce the devastating impact heart disease has on families and the community. Have you heard of National Wear Red Day? Simply wear red this Valentines Day to show your support and we will donate an extra $1 to share our love for such a great cause.


cactus loveYou don’t need a lover

Who cares if your not ‘in love’ or if you haven’t got a hot date for Valentines Day. Celebrate with your mate, family friends or anyone you care about really. It’s not about the pressure for gifts or saying that four letter word, just come and join us here on our Balcony as we would LOVE to see you. Oh and if your a seafood lover, order a Seafood Platter and we will shout you two glasses of Piper cuz we love you too!