Take 3 for the Sea

Because every little bit counts.


Australia’s known for it’s pristine beaches boasting crystal clear water, the whitest sands of all and unique marine life. Who would think our footprints along a stretch of Aussie sand would see a collection of 639 pieces of rubbish in just under an hour?

We joined forces with Take 3 for the Sea hitting the local favourite spot in Byron, Main Beach and were saddened at how much trash we found in such little time. After walking just meters down the beach we returned with three bags full of unnecessary pollution from one of our much loved local and tourist attractions.


Keen to get involved? Why not hit the beaches this Thursday for a community wide beach clean up, oh and after we have Happy Hour perfect for sip with gratitude between 4-6pm.

beach clean up

Who are Take 3 For The Sea?

These legends have taken the lead on making a change to our salty seas here in the Bay. Working alongside the global movement ‘Take 3 for the Sea‘, their mission is to conserve the environment and protect wildlife from the impacts of plastic pollution and waste by leading a movement of people connected to the planet.


How can we do that? It’s simple, every time you go to the beach just take 3 pieces of rubbish, or even one would still make an impact and post on your socials using #take3forthesea. Let’s send it around the world, we love our friends in the ocean right?


Graphic image of ocean & rubbish

Take your first step

To all of our mates nearby and far, take a look at Take 3 For The Sea to keep updated on upcoming events for you to get involved with. After bringing our team together recently and realizing how much of an impact a little bit can make we are happy to have an ongoing involvement.

On Thursday 13th February at 2.30pm join hands with the community and get to main beach in support of our salty sea life. Oh and afterwards, our mates at Stone & Wood Brewery are hosting the froth off as a thank you.


beach clean




Thursday 13th February | 2.30 – 4.30pm

Don’t forget afterwards, a cocktail is a must and Happy hour is on here at Balcony Bar & Oyster Co.