$1 Fish Wings

Wing a ding ding … Book Me In!

If you haven’t already heard about fish wings, get ready, they are set to be the next dining craze catching the attention of foodies around the world.
Commonly discarded in the filleting process, the fish wing encompass the fleshy underside of the pectoral fin behind the fish head. Sometimes referred to as the fish cheek this fish by-product too often ends up in the bin.

For months now we have been searching for another great offer to compete with our infamous $1 Oyster Hour and we’re pretty sure we are on to a winner with $1 Fish Wings. Similar to shellfish, wings do possess some dining difficulty however we guarantee it’s well worth the effort. Arguably the sweetest and tastiest part of the fish, fish wings provide top chewing for you and the family.
Purveyor of damn fine food and our Executive Chef here at Balcony Bar, Sean Connolly has taken a humorous approach to his wings, choosing to coat with a Southern Style ‘Chicken’ Batter. Resulting in crunchy fish wings that you can quite literally pick up and bite into.

$1 Fish Wings are available at Balcony every Thursday from 5pm-6pm! We recommend booking though, we’re predicting these wings will be flying out the door.