For The Boys

What is For The Boys?

For The Boys is a community created by local Byron Bay legend Bobby Walker who wants to break the stigma attached to men’s mental health and suicide. Bobby has seen many young lives lost and wasted due to mental health issues and says “I was that guy that was so wrapped up in my life, I was uneducated and non- compassionate. I was the tough guy” but now he realizes the importance of being there for your friends he says “Please everyone, take a step back, think about your mates and talk to each other.”



A Solid Walk For The Boys

Bobby is about to embark on a tremendous walk from Noosa, QLD to Byron Bay, NSW. This walk is Bobby’s way of spreading awareness about the struggles that so many people are facing and dying from on a daily basis. He says, “There’s a common pattern here. Women talking, men not talking and now (they’re) no longer with us.” Bobby want to start the conversation and let men know that it’s better to speak up, be real with the people in your life about your mental health and risk people judging you than not speaking up. He says “Real is the new cool”.

Have a drink For The Boys!

If you want to support Bobby and his incredible journey from Noosa to Byron Bay you can follow his Instagram page here. You can also donate some much needed funding to Bobby and his team by stopping by Balcony Bar & Oyster Co to try our For The Boys cocktail. This masculine mix consists of Bulleit Bourbon, Hennessy, sweet vermouth, fig and cinnamon bitters, laphroig vapor and orange zest. It’s like nothing you’ve ever tasted!


If you can’t make it in to try our Cocktail Of The Month, head over to Bobby’s event page and snatch up a ticket for the welcome home party in Byron Bay. All all proceeds raised will go to covering cost of the event and the rest will be donated to Mindfull Aus.


Book yourself a table to try our cocktail of the month ‘For The Boys!


If you or someone you know is facing mental health issues or needs someone to talk to please call Lifeline on 13 11 14.