Balcony Belgian Witbier

with oysters and orange peel 4.8% Alc/Vol


Usually when you think oysters you think champagne right? Well sometimes it’s good to break the tradition and test those taste buds, so that’s exactly what we have done!

As you may already know, we get shucking mad for our Annual Oyster Festival every August.  Each year we put together numerous eats & drinks that have all been oystered. But this year, we hit the high note with an Oyster beer tastier than summer in a glass.


Come for a sip and let us know what you think…..


Oyster beer being created at Stone and Wood Brewery

What to expect

When teaming up with Stone & Wood Brewery, an amazing brew is expected. Working together with these legends for over a few months at least, we crafted a pilot batch not only with oysters in it, but to be paired perfectly with your freshly shucked oysters on a sunny afternoon. With 6 kilograms of un-shucked and shucked oysters added to the boil expect this drop to lend a subtle, salty balance with generous additions of citra hop, orange & grapefruit peel.


two men drinking beer and eating oysters at the stone and wood brewery Byron Bay

How shucked can you get?

With Oyster Hour of Power joining us daily it becomes a bit of a bet here at Balcony. Not only about how many oysters our chefs can shuck but how many can you slurp? Last year our chefs were seeing and smelling oysters for days, luxurious right? They shucked just shy of 10,000 oysters while you slurped every day for just $1.50 a shuck powering through those aphrodisiacs. The most bivalves consumed in one sitting so far is 5 dozen, shuck yeah! Can you beat it?


four oysters on a salt bed and a dark table


Today’s the last day of our favorite festival, shuck off all your plans and join us in the mollusc madness. You will be surprised at how well oysters and beer pair together, no tinder needed ha ha!

With a big thanks to the guys at Stone & Wood Brewery, Oyster Festival has been better than ever with the addition of Balcony Belgian Witbeir.