A Dad is never just a Dad

What exactly does it mean to be a father?

It’s hard to say exactly what it means to be a Dad, some have one some have two. Some believe he’s your role model and the one to look up to, teaching you everything you know. Others would agree he’s the man that made you, created you and will be your backbone through thick and thin.

With this being said, a Dad is your Dad and with every step in life, a part of your Dad tends to always be carried along the way. Spoil your Dad this Fathers Day, let him know the little things you love about him and don’t worry about a gift… we have one sorted!

Father and son


We asked one of our Beloved Balcony Staff members what her dad meant to her and were left with tears of warmth and an overwhelming feeling of appreciation.

A little bit about Dad…AKA the mountain man.

So my dad didn’t have a bestselling book, had never been on TV to give a motivational speech, and he never won “The most influential man of the year” award but he was by far the most influential man in my life and the most critical.

He taught me to be strong, independent and to strive and work hard for the things I wanted and believed in and To live the life i wanted to regardless of other peoples opinions.

Don’t get me wrong  it wasn’t always plain sailing no Father daughter relationship ever is but his attitude to life, travel and determination pushed and carved me into the person I am today, even his snobbishness for good Coffee and love for strong tequila.

This mans been gone from my life for over 7 years now and not a day goes by where i don’t think about him, wish i could have one more conversation with him, one more coffee. I know he’d be proud of me, proud of who i am and what I’ve achieved and most of all happy that i followed my heart to lead the life i wanted to.


Father and Daughter


Join us on our Balcony for some lunch and a frothy! Take your Dad away from the Barbecue for once and let us bring lunch to him. See our menu here and be sure to make a reservation to ensure Dad gets a gift from us!