Sean’s Top Oyster Recipes

The ultimate aphrodisiac for your loved one!

We recently sat down with Executive Chef, Sean Connolly, and see how creative he can get with the humble oyster.
Before we continue, lets start by highlighting that oysters are of course best enjoyed fresh shucked and natural, perhaps with a little lemon. However, for those of you who fancy ‘shuckin things up’ below we have listed a few ideas to get you inspired.

1. OYSTER ROCKEFELLA – with New Orleans white gruyere sauce, greens and chorizo.
2. CHICKEN FRIED OYSTER TACOS – Southern style fried oysters, slaw and chipotle mayo.
3. OYSTER CHOWDER – not for the faint hearted, this creamy leek and oyster soup finished with duck fat chips, is the ultimate salty indulgence.
4. CHEEKY BEEF & OYSTER POT PIE – slow cooked beef cheek, oysters, barley and ale gravy.
5. PORK SCHNITZEL & OYSTER MAYO SANDWICH – crumbed pork loin, brioche bun, house pickles & oyster mayo.
6. THE CARPET BAG STEAK – stuff your mans beef tenderloin with fresh oysters, wrap in prosciutto and serve with greens and a dirty gravy.

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