The key to a good linguine

Make it at home or enjoy on the balcony!

Sean Connolly shares his killer Crab Linguine recipe and explains exactly how you can recreate this simple pasta at home.
Crab Carnival has been in full swing at Balcony Bar for a week now, with the standout dish being Sean’s Crab Linguine selling over 220 portions. Smashing sales of every other menu item and telling us that you guys really love this dish.

After much pestering, the normally tight lipped chef has agreed to share this delicious recipe with his fans.
First things first, a good pasta dish needs a good sauce and that is the key to this dish. For the crab linguine we are making a lemon butter sauce to compliment the sweetness of the crab. In a pan bring 500ml of cream to a steady simmer and reduce until cream has reached desired thickness, remove from the heat add 50 grams of butter and a pinch of salt, whisking continuously. Once combined return pan to the heat and add juice of one lemon. Bring to a gentle simmer and reduce for a further 2 minutes. Taste. Once you’re happy, set your sauce aside.
Next you will need to cook up a pot of fresh linguine until al dente, season, drain and set aside.
Get ready to bring it all together. Chop one chili finely, tear some mint leaves and chop a handful of parsley.
In a hot pan combine canola oil, chili, mint leaves, snow crab, cooked pasta, a dash of water and sauté for a few minutes. Add desired amount of lemon butter sauce, a handful of parsley and sauté a little more.
Serve and enjoy with a frosty beer or glass of crisp Riesling!

Crab Carnival, Byron Bay will run until 16th April at Balcony Bar. The carnival celebrates the crab by showcasing 5 varieties of crab through a range of limited edition menu items. View the full menu here!
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