It’s Truffle Time!

The first truffles of the season shaved fresh to our menu.

We’ve been waiting impatiently, shaver in hand, for these irresistible wild delicacies to burst onto our menu. Today we’re overjoyed to announce the first truffles of the season have made their way into our hot little hands and are ready to be added to whichever dish tickles your fancy.

Shaved black perigord truffles at The Balcony

Why do we love them so much?

Science baby! The reason these decadent black diamonds are so irresistible comes down to good ol’ fashioned biology.  Simply inhaling the earthy scent of truffles is enough to get you hooked. The distinctive aroma permeates a molecule that mimics mammalian pheromones. Being mammals ourselves we’re biologically attuned to crave these pheromones.  This is why pigs and dogs (also mammals) make fine truffle hunters! Unfortunately, pigs have a tendency to consume the truffles quicker than we can catch them. So instead, we turn to man’s best friend who will gladly exchange their findings for a substitute (and less rare) snack.

The Balcony a handful of truffles

All the way from WA to The Bay

We asked (and asked, and asked – as we said, we’ve been impatient) and Madame Truffles delivered – this season’s first Perigord Truffles were sourced on Pottinger farm, in the Manjimup region, set amongst the beautiful southern forests of Western Australia, on the outskirts of Pemberton.  The region produces over 70 percent of Southern Hemisphere premium truffles and is a large part of the reason Australia is the world’s 4th largest producer of Perigord truffles!

With 500 years of farming under the belt, the Pottingers were one of the first Australian farms to plant inoculated hazelnut and oak trees in 1999.  Truffle dealers and chefs worldwide seek after these first-class truffles. “We’re so proud when we hear that our truffles are on the tables of some of the finest restaurants in the world” David Pottinger Jnr.

Foraged by a truffle hunting dog named Sol, these rare beauties were grown in a truffle orchard known as a truffière. The extremely talented (and very good boy) managed to sniff out a whopping 152grams for The Balcony Bar & Oyster Co.!

Sol the truffle hunter dog

Treat yourself

Whether you opt for them shaved fresh at your table or delivered in the form of our homemade truffle butter, these seasonal delights are here for a tasty time but most definitely not here for a long time.

We find Pottinger truffles tend to have a deep, heavy aroma, leaning towards a savory profile with a hint of cheese.  Best paired with foods that won’t compete with the prized flavour such as simple pasta dishes, steaks & potatoes – these gems are carbohydrates best friend!  We’ve highlighted some excellent matches on our menu, but as they say “the world’s your oyster” so go wild and treat yourself by adding them to whatever you want!

Freshly shaved truffles