Balcony Bar & Oyster Co.


Welcome to the home of Byron Bay’s free-spirited, sundrenched soul. A beach house for all of the Bay: you, me, the kids, the old-timers, the surfers, the musicians, the hotties, the hippies and even the Hollywood stars – everyone’s family, flowing through like the tide. Our mellow shade of good times both lulls and lifts you, blurs boundaries between locals and visitors, and moves to the beat of Byron time: surf-splashed and sandy-footed by day, sunkissed and sparkling by night – or the other way round. We’re all citizens of the beach, where waves wash rules away.

Our stunning spot in the Byron village, immersed and elevated, is enviable, but never exclusive. Our beach house is your beach house. Open door, open heart – that’s the Balcony way.

Balcony is carefree to the core – except when it comes to food and service. About these we care deeply, honouring Byron’s bounty from ocean and land.


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